Why not join us today?

There is so much to see and do - interesting talks and field walks for all the family. Enthusiast, expert or novice - all welcome.

And you may see the rare or unusual.

A Monarch butterfly in the middle of Southampton arrived on the jet-stream from central America. But there are beautiful native species to see too.

Colour stands out.

The cage fungus is just one of many bright and beautiful things you can see in our city. Our walks and talks will help you find them.

Some of the world's longest migrants.

Arctic terns drop into Southampton for the summer on their pole to pole migration. Get closer to wildlife all year round.

Members of the Natural History Society help with wildlife surveys.

Recently hoverflies were the centre of attention of our members and supporters - without leaving their own back-gardens.

Join us today

Southampton Natural History Society is getting closer to nature - waiting for you to come and join us! There is plenty to see and do for members and supporters alike and fun for all the family. And you can make a real difference - help us change the way we see things.

Chalk downs in Southampton

Chalk downs in Southampton
Or that’s how it seems when a micro-moth of the chalk ends up in Bevois Valley. Emptying a very meagre moth trap last night the...

Shrimping at Imber

Shrimping at Imber
The Ministry of Defence training ground at Imber village is occasionally open for members of the pubic to visit the village and, in particular, the...