Southampton Natural History Society

The Southampton Natural History Society (SNHS) has been established for many years and is concerned with all aspects of natural history within and around Southampton. The society holds regular field and indoor meetings and produces newsletters and an annual report which details the exciting flora and fauna of this region.

Recording Area

The following pages describe recent reports and some of the flora and fauna from our region. The Society has a general (and large!) recording area of all locations within 15 miles of Southampton and, for the purposes of surveys, the region south of the M27 flanked by the Test and Hamble rivers together with coastal areas near the south bank of Southampton Water.

Contacts and Membership

Membership is only 6.00 per annum and current members include both beginners and expert naturalists. Regular field meetings and talks cover all aspects of natural history. The annual report covers flora and fauna records in depth and includes articles by local naturalists. For examples of the annual report see the Publications page.

For more details see the membership page.

Your reports

If you have any sightings to report please e-mail me, Phil Budd, and I will include all reports received and use them to update the appropriate flora or fauna reports.